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High quality, high convenience, longer meet times.

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Lower quality, inconvenient, and rushed.


TRT clinics have become a predatory industry that take advantage of men who don’t know how to make the most of their testosterone injections. Here at Apex, we aim to be a mens health clinic that serves you so that you can live the longest, best life possible. Here are a few ways we do that:

  • Most TRT clinics want to get patients in and out as fast as possible.

  • Most TRT clinics do not have medical doctors on-site.

  • Most TRT clinics require you to come in weekly.

  • Most TRT clinics will not give you a personalized diet and exercise program.

  • Most TRT clinics don’t give you the highest grade testosterone.

At Apex Mens Health, we solve all these problems.

  • We spend as much time with our patients as possible in order to give help them become compliant with a program that really works.

  • We always have Dr. David Lunow overseeing meetings and protocol on-site.

  • We allow you to buy a month’s worth of TRT through our prescribing services so that you don’t have to come in every week.

  • We will give you a personalized diet and exercise program so that your precious testosterone doesn’t go to waste.

  • We will give you the highest grade testosterone available on the market.

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