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If you struggle to gain muscle, TRT can drastically increase your muscle gain.

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Low Testosterone often causes brain fog. Many men simply learn to live with this fog. You don’t have to.


Low Testosterone can cause fat gain. Raising your testosterone will help to rapidly melt off unwanted fat without compromising muscle or strength.

Erection & SeX Drive

We will put you on a TRT program that makes you feel like a 16 year old (and work like one, too).

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Here at Apex, we are at the cutting edge of Men’s health.

Be stronger, faster, and better than 16-year-old you.

Average Male T-Level and Virility

When testosterone drops, men lose their vitality.

Active TRT Recipients

When TRT is applied, men feel even better in their middle-age than when they were teenagers.


I’ve never been to a doctor that actually sat and listened to me. Not only did Dr. Lunow listen but he assured me that he be my partner in getting my health, fatigue and sleep patterns back on track.
— Billy

Great first visit. Dr. Lunow was concerned with understanding what was important to me and my overall health. He went through a detailed plan with me during the visit. I’m glad I made the switch.
— First Responder

Apex Men’s Health is superior to all other low T clinics. Dr. Lunow is extremely thorough in his assessment and tailored my treatment to my specific needs. It was clear that he is genuinely interested in my health. Highly recommended.

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